About Empathy &

Empathy is energy and action.

Impulse and imperative.

Biological necessity and sociological ideal.

But, over time, we've told ourselves that the impulse and energy within us is weak and that the sociological ideal is fantasy. 

We started to believe the fictions of faction and power and control.

Unfortunately, due to that, we are more divided than ever.

We see it in our politics, our churches, our neighborhoods, and everywhere in between.

But it's not true. We are a part of a whole. We exist in conjunction with each other and need each other to thrive. Where language and culture differs, our internal energies rise to the task. We are a people that will succeed and thrive when we stand side by side. Empathy is the energy of connection, and we are in the business of cultivating it.

Empathy & is an independent public life and multimedia initiative that plans to stand against the tide of divisiveness.

We will pursue deep connections and conversation through a bi-weekly podcast, digital content, and live events.

We value vulnerability, spacious grace, and a shared love for positive social change. If you are interested in becoming a patron of the podcast you can join us on Patreon!

About Me

Hello my friends! My name is Michael Scott Evans. I am a Texan by way of California...

which basically means I value the avocado AND the smoked meats, and if you are able

to combine both of those into a taco of some sort, you've basically found your way to my


No I don't know how to surf, but "y'all" is firmly entrenched in my vocabulary.

As a student at Baylor University I studied Psychology and Communication, earning

degrees in both. I furthered my education by completing a Master's of Divinity in Theology

from George W. Truett Seminary.

Over the last 20 years I have held a variety of ministry jobs and volunteer positions.

I have taught youth and college students, been a Spiritual Formation Director, and a Worship and Arts Pastor.

These days I find myself reading a lot of books on neuroscience, spirituality, and connection. If you spend any time listening to the podcast or reading my work you will find that I am heavily influenced by folks like Rob Bell, Brené Brown, Richard Rohr, and Pema Chodron.

If you were to force me to characterize my spiritual path right now I guess I'd call myself an Agnostic Buddhist that really loves Jesus....but check in tomorrow, I might be an Episcopalian!

If you'd like to inquire about speaking opportunities please send an email to empathyand@gmail.com